Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Is there a charge to enroll and take courses?

No. This site is free.

Can we access the video from YouTube directly?

Yes. All our videos are available in YouTube. However, from the Outstanding Professor site you will have access to course notes, assignments, quizzes and other useful learning materials.

Do I need an account?

In order to access all the features of the site, you have to create an account.

Do you have a recommended textbook for each course?

There are numerous textbooks for each course published by major publishing such as McGraw Hill, Pearson and Prentice Hall. These books are great but very expensive so we do not recommend textbooks for our courses. Course notes will be available as a pdf file for download, eliminating the need for traditional textbooks.

Do we get credit for taking this course?

Not at this time. Our courses are provided to help you learn better so you can do well at your school.

Is your curriculum map to college courses?

Our engineering courses are comprehensive and map to traditional courses offered in colleges.

Can your site replace attending a class?

No one can replace a great teacher. So our site cannot replace your teacher and classroom experience. Having said that there are not too may great teachers. Most teachers seem to rely on Power Point presentations and give long lectures. Our experience indicate that most students do not learn well from such lectures. Our goal is to provide short, engaging learning modules that keep students engaged. Furthermore, almost all undergraduate engineering courses are well established long time ago and the content has not changed in decades. Most of these courses can be self-taught and our site is designed to do that.

What is the purpose of your site?

Outstanding Professor Website is designed to provide engaging, online learning modules to help students learn and master all foundational concepts.